3 Easy Tips to Delight Your Vacation Home Guests

Disney Vacation Homes

Have you studies your vacation home booking curve and ascertain the ideal pricing strategy? If it is done, you must surely be feeling good. But always remember that fair pricing is just one of the ways of luring your potential guests. It will hardly matter whether your guests are staying for free or paying a premium price. If they are not satisfied with the overall experience, they will review your vacation home negatively and will choose to stay somewhere else the next time.

The good news is that delighting your guests and getting an edge over your competitor is not that hard or pricey as it may seem. Know some of the easy tips to please your guests and get good ratings and reviews from them. In fact, if your guests are pleased with their stay, they will keep coming back to your Disney Vacation Homes and even recommend it to others.

Think like your guest
Sit down with a cup of coffee in hand and think what you will look forward to as a guest and the amenities which you will require. If you are going to stay in the vacation home, what will be your expectation? Which amenities will you care for the most? How swiftly will you want the problems to be addressed or your demands to be fulfilled? What issues will irritate you the most? Will you like to know about the best places to visit or the most famous entertainment centers nearby? Instead of just focusing on pricing your vacation home, think like a guest and ascertain how you can help your guests enjoy a satisfying stay.

Do not leave room for any guess work
Whatever amenities you are going to provide, do list it down on the rental folder or binder. Mention the details of your Rentals Vacation Homes, the contact information and emergency contact details as well. You can even provide helpful items like coupons to local restaurants and entertainment centers, top attraction brochures, bus schedules etc.

Add a personal touch
Always remember that the first impression is a lasting one. For this reason, you can plan to add a personal touch like leaving a hand written note welcoming your guests, providing a box of goodies, offering free coupons to the entertainment centers etc.

A small gesture and little thinking on your part and you can impress your guests. They will be persuaded to return to your Disney vacation homes time and again!


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