Enhance Booking Rates and Profitability- Open Your Booking Calendar at the Earliest

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If you are in the vacation rental business, you need to always keep your booking calendar up to date. It will help the guests to know when your vacation rentals are available. Additionally, it is considered as a strong marketing tool. Do you know that if you keep your booking calendar updated every month, you can significant boost your vacation homes booking rates? Surprised? It is actually true.

Start taking bookings at the earliest
If you open your booking calendar as early as possible, you can gain considerable number of bookings. The fact is that the guests like to book early; for this reason, if you open the reservations early, it can attract large numbers of potential customers. Statistics reveal that even before the closing of the summer season, significant numbers of travelers start inquiring about following summer bookings; the figure jumps by almost 50 percent after few months.

So, if you are planning to rent out your Vacation Rentals Near Disney throughout the year, you need to make sure that you open the calendar as soon as possible. But, if the vacation rental is your second home, you can first consider when you are planning to visit the vacation home with your family or friends. You can block the dates when you are going to stay at the vacation rental and open other dates for booking.

Do not cancel the bookings
If you not sure about the dates when you want to rent out your Orlando Vacation Rental, do not open the calendar. You may have to pay strict penalties for the cancellations. For instance, if you cancel the bookings a week or more before your guest is due to arrive, you may have to pay a charge of $50 as penalty. If you cancel within seven days of a reservation, the fine you need to pay may be approximately $100. Additionally, your calendar may get blocked too and you will not be able to take new bookings for the canceled dates. Moreover, you may offend your guests who may rate you negatively, thereby significantly denting your vacation home popularity.

To conclude, opening your booking calendar for vacation rentals near Disney at the earliest can enhance your reservation rate, ensuring more guests and much more profit. But make sure you do not cancel the bookings. Cancellation of bookings leads to harsh consequences, including removal of privileges, negative reviews and cancellation charges!


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