10 Smart Ways to Close Vacation Rentals Booking Over Phone

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Whenever you get enquires from your potential vacation rental guests, you are eager to close the deal and get bookings from your guests. Read the blog to know the 10 smart ways of closing your vacation rentals booking over phone.

1. Research well
It is crucial to know who you going to talk to. If the name of your guest is unique, do practice it before you speak to them. Additionally, use an internet tool to get public information about your guest that may be linked with their email address. You are surely going to get the best results if you know something about your guests, instead of blindly talking to them.

2. Make sure to check the area code
If the Orlando vacation rentals booking enquiry is in your inbox for more than an hour, make sure to check the area code to ensure that it is the right time to call your potential guest. You may surely not want to irritate them by calling them at night or wee hours of the morning!

3. Ask wise questions
If your potential guests forget to give their phone number, you may mail them and ask wise questions like ‘how many people are going to visit?’ Of course, you may also ask ‘Can you provide me a phone number where I can reach you”?

4. Answer promptly
When you see the enquiry sitting in your inbox and checked the area code and ascertained that it is the right time to talk, call immediately. Your potential guests will surely be impressed with your promptness!

5. Be attentive
Do not just keep on singing praises about your Disney Vacation Homes. Instead, be attentive and listen to what your potential guests have to say and answer their queries smartly!

6. Leave a voice message
If you call and there is no answer, make sure to leave a voice message politely requesting to call back.

7. Do not leave the conversation open ended
Make sure not to end the conversation with ‘let me know whether you have any other query’. Do not be pushy, but surely not leave the conversation open ended.

8. Prompt your potential guests to take action
If you are feeling good about the conversation and believe that your potential guests are interested in your Orlando Vacation Rentals, prompt them to take action. You can offer your guests to make the bookings right away over phone.

9. Keep an alternative in mind
Even if you do not have any property available that matches the requirements of your potential guests or your vacation homes are all booked, do not just put down the phone. Instead, you can recommend a friend’s property or persuade your guest to book after some time, may be another season.

10. Do not get discouraged
Even if you are not able to close the deal, do not get disheartened. There will be several other potential guests you are on the way of calling you and booking your property!


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