Tips to Avoid Bringing Bedbugs Home After Your Vacation

Kissimmee vacation rentals

Whether you are planning to visit in a tropical island, a family vacation spot or near the mountains, staying in vacation rentals can be a good option for saving money and ensuring great comfort. These accommodation facilities are much better than a hotel and can offer privacy, larger space and make you feel like a local. Even though good vacation homes do not pose any issues with bedbugs, still it is a good idea to become knowledgeable about these insects and the places where they are most likely to be found. This will ensure that you do not bring these unwanted bugs back to your home.

Bedbugs are small parasitic bugs that feast on human dead skill cells and blood. Even though during the 1950s these bugs were almost eliminated in good localities, but recently them have made a comeback! These pests easily transport from one place to the other through attaching to the pets, bags, clothing, hair or skin. Although the bites of these bugs do not cause any sever medical problem, still they can cause rashes which can itch badly and can even lead to infection.

How to Avoid Bedbugs while on vacation
Learn the easy tips to prevent transporting these bugs from a train or plane to the Kissimmee Vacation Rentals and bringing them back to your home.

• Make sure to use the luggage rack which is provided or place your suitcase in a clean tiled area.
• Carry various zipper bags and securely place your purchases in the bag. When you return home thoroughly wash the clothes in hot water and dry them properly.
• Do not place your bags or purses in a carpeted or upholstered area.
• Do not wear canvas or cloth shoes.
• Inspect the bedding and carpet for bedbug signs like brown or red specks.

After You Return Home
When you have returned home from rental Pool Home Near Disney, take the following precautionary measures:

• Before you allow your pets to reenter your home, check them carefully.
• Make sure to check the upholstery and carpet, seams of curtain and mattress regularly for a few weeks to check for bedbugs.
• After you return from your vacation, enclose pillows and mattresses in zipped cases for at least a few weeks.
• Thoroughly wash all your clothing in hot water.
• Unpack all your belongings in an uncarpeted area.

Follow the aforementioned steps and easily keep bedbugs from entering your home along with you after enjoying a spectacular vacation!